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Nice thing is, people come down to Devon for a break, and they just have to go down the narrow little lanes. They are all so pretty, with the wild flowers and rich vegetation. And sometimes, sadly, you meet a car coming the other way. And what do you do? Well, there was probably a farm gate quarter of a mile back up there. But heck, the road was wider just a few yards up the way. It’ll do. And the hedges aren’t too bad, are they?
As a friend proved recently, costing her a new prop shaft on her car to go with the new wing, the old Dartmoor hedges were not just decorative little banks of earth. Sometimes they look like that, but drive into one, and soon you’ll see that a real hedge is made of a solid granite wall, with a series of bushes planted in the top. Drive into this little beastie, and you’ll ruin your car!

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