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More Spam from Thieves

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

So far three today. All the rest are deleted already, but here’s another one. See below.

I can only assume someone is daft enough to believe this kind of crap. The gangs responsible for these emails are not fools, and won’t waste their time unless they can see that they can get a 1% or more hit rate. All they need is a few folks to respond, and guess what. They have your details and your money. Not only that, they’re leaving you liable for repayment of the money  they’ve taken.

What happens is, the firm will send money through to you. You take your percentage, and send it on to the next person in the chain. It is money that has been stolen, laundered or similarly illegally grabbed. The thieves only have to break it up into smaller chunks, so that the money is below the American legal reporting levels, and then they send it to you. You post it onwards, and it will eventually wind up in Russia, or Ukraine, or some similar lawless part of the world.

Good, eh? You’ve made your little percentage on the transaction, and you can’t possibly be caught out?


First, the US authorities are pretty hot at chasing down people who’ve received funds. They can see the audit trail of the money by following the emails and wires. Not that difficult today. And when they track you down, you become liable for the full amount stolen. Because you were the receiver of stolen goods. So suddenly you’re the criminal.

But of course it gets better. As soon as you contact your recipient, the lines will close. They don’t want to know. And although you can pass on various contact details, you can also bet that they’ll all be closed down by the time the police get to them. And then, to add insult to injury, the second level kicks in. At some point in the future, you will find that your bank has been raided and your funds removed, that you’ve had a new set of credit cards issued in your name, and that you have built up a huge debt.

It has happened already. This isn’t just an author’s imaginative wittering. So many people have been hit, it astonishes me that there are still so many who believe the guff they’re fed.

If you doubt my word, look up Krebs Security on the web and read a few of his pages on scams. It’s sad reading.

And meantime, read this and wonder: “would I have fallen for that?” Because a lot of people no doubt have!



I introduce a large multinational enterprise the co-worker of the HR department of which I am. Our enterprise is connected with a great number of various activities, like:
– real estate
– companies setting-up and winding-up
– bank accounts opening and maintenance
– logistics
– private undertaking services
– etc.

We need a person to fill the vacancy of a regional manager in Europe:
– earnings 2300euro+bonus
– 2–3 working hours per day
– free timetable

If you are interested in this job, please, send us your contact information on email:
c v @ h i r i n g – w e s t u n i o n . c o m [please delete spaces before sending]
Full name:
Mobile phone-number:

Attention! We are looking for the people who have a right to work in Europe!

Please, write your Telephone Number and our manager will contact you to conduct an interview.