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Puppy is less of a puppy now

Puppy is less of a puppy now, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

Berry had a very nasty infection when she was only six months old. It’s called Discospondylitis, and it means that an infection has clambered in between two vertebrae. In Berry’s case, that meant that she was literally having her spine eaten away. When I saw the X-rays, I was horrified to see that she’d lost the bottom third of the joining surfaces of two adjacent vertebrae and the disc in the middle.

The worst thing was, there was no way to see what was the matter. All I knew was that, during a period of play, she suddenly started yelping with pain, and it took a week before vets could work out what the problem was.

Still, she’s well on the road to recovery, two months later, and with luck she’ll be fine in another few weeks. I say hopefully, because I need some uninterrupted writing time!

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