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DSC_0002.JPG, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

There are so many old crosses all over Devon and Dartmoor. Some are ancient celtic-looking crosses, some, like this, look more victorian, and may have been set there to replace older, broken crosses, or may have been installed in a desire to create a fictitious atmosphere. It’s true that on the moors, for example, as soon as the locals realised that there was an interest in ancient stone rows exhibited by victorian tourists, a number of brand new ones miraculously appeared. Usually near a farmer’s house, so he could earn some cash from selling teas and farmhouse goodies. This one is ideally positioned here, though, and elegantly set off by the lush growth all around it. Clearly it’s been here for years.
In fact, I think it’s about five years. That was when, I think, it was moved to make way for the new telegraph pole on the opposite side of the road. The march of progress.

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