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The great thing about some book launches is, that you get to meet some great people. This was taken with Claire from the Roman Gate Waterstone’s, always a good place to sign books, because she and the other folks there always work really hard to sell vast quantities.

This year has been enormously busy, though, what with signings in all the main shops in Devon, travelling up to London to sign more, and then going on the circuit with Medieval Murderers too. All in all it adds up to a hectic time. Last weekend I had to travel 500 miles in a round trip while giving a talk with Frances Fyfield (who is a delightful companion on a stage, I have to admit – erudite, sharp and deliciously amusing) on the Saturday, and then on Sunday I was wandering the wilds of Devon opening a PBFA book fair.

Not a good idea, that. Just as I managed to blow a bit too much at the launch party for THE LOST PROPHECIES in Bath, buying books, I wasted a tidy sum in Topsham at the Exeter Book Fair. But they were all very important for research – books on superstition, on clothing in medieval England, a book on Exeter itself, and others.

Shame there’s not blinkers for authors who wander unwittingly into shops where books might be on sale!

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