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Just at the time when I’m trying to fill up my diary with new events, going to give talks and planning the launch of the twenty-fifth book in the series, it is enormously relaxing to go and see someone else at word. And especially when it’s the brilliant Ian Mortimer.
Ian first came to my attention when I was looking for a decent book that would tell me a little more about the people of Edward II’s reign. By enormous good fortune, Ian had just published his book “The Greatest Traitor”, which covered the life of Roger Mortimer (no relation!). That book led on to others, and they remain by my desk whenever I write a new story. I depend upon him because I know he is an excellent researcher, and because his writing is excellent. Ian is a throwback to the glorious days of the early twentieth century, when historians would write thrillingly about their subjects. Ian’s books read like thrillers.
However, no matter how much fun it is to see someone else giving a talk, the sad fact is it is all work-avoidance.
I have book 26 to write about now, and that means some efforts, bearing in mind the deadlines. However, never mind. This one’s going to be about the appalling consequences of the King’s decision to let his son go to meet Queen Isabella in Paris. A great story – and one to which I only hope I can do full justice!

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