Photo Diary


DSC_0059.JPG, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

Now, you see, the idea was that as I rode off over the wilds of Devon I could carry my camera and take beautiful, moody photos as I went.

As far as it goes, that is a brilliant idea. Just one problem, which occurred to me after last week’s little disaster when I fell off the blasted bike, and that is that if I take another tumble like that, I’m likely to be swearing more over the damage done to a damned expensive camera than any harm done to me or the bike. So I had to reluctantly come to the conclusion that taking my SLR on the bike was a plain silly idea.

However, what I can do is take plenty of photos from the car as I drive around, and then also take my wife’s mini-digital occasionally (because it’s cheap, robust, and she probably won’t notice!) and grab some snaps.

This was from the car, and I just wanted, as the comment says, to show how old Brent Tor church stands out in the landscape all about. The next photos will have to be more about the middle of the moors, though. And hopefully I’ll get some pictures with my SLR that will give some hints of the way that the land used to be. That’s the aim, anyway.

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