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It is ruddy cold up on the moors just now. Down here in the warmer, low-lying parts, we hit minus 8C last night. Up there I think it was colder. The ice was more than two inches thick, which is rare, and some streams had completely frozen, with a trickle coming out from beneath. That’s something i’ve never seen.
So, with all this chill in the air, there’s only one thing for it. Friday, I’m going to take a tent and plenty of warm clothing, as well as a good 7cm high blow-up bed (filled with down to insulate me from the cold, cold ground) and have a sleep over. Still trying to figure out exactly where I ought to go, but somewhere high, far from street lights, and ideally out of the wind. Oh, and I need it to be close to some wood for a little fire. I have a new pride and joy, a little log-burner called a Bush Buddy. Made in Canada, it is a great device. Made of lightweight steel, it packs small and light, but allows you to boil a quart of water in eight minutes – and you don’t have to carry all the paraphernalia of cookers, fuel and all that gubbins. Just collect some stuff on the way. Bits of dried and dead furze, twigs from the hedges, and that’s about it.
And although I’m mad, I’m not stupid. Today I ordered a pair of lined, warm, Craghopper Kiwi trousers. It may be cold up there. I won’t be!

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