Photo Diary

Goodbye, old friend . . .

DSC_0039.JPG, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

There are some folks no doubt who wonder what their favourite author gets up to in the summer months. Well, if you’re a boring devil like me, this is the sort of thing you do. You wander out and buy a new computer.
It’s been necessary, though. I intended to get this last year, but it was the wrong time, for many reasons (most of them having a pound sign in front of them). Now, though, I have this lovely little Apple iMac, which isn’t so little, which means I can blast through photos, run powerful applications, and, most important just now, use Scrivener.
It’s a strange little package, Scrivener. But perfect for authors. Since it’s been designed by an author for authors, I guess that’s no surprise, though. Still, I’m looking forward to starting my next book using that package, and with any luck it’ll mean I get the work done sooner.
In the meantime, now I’ve taken all the important stuff off the old iMac, it’s time the poor old beastie got retired. A faithful friend for six or seven years, but time to say goodbye!

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