A Jack Blackjack Tudor Mystery

The Dead Don't Wait

When Jack Blackjack disobeys the orders of his spymaster, he enters dangerous waters in this lively Tudor mystery.

April, 1555. A priest has been stabbed to death in the village of St Botolph, to the east of the City of London, his body left to rot by the roadside - and Jack Blackjack stands accused of his murder.

As well as clearing his name, Jack has his own reasons for wanting to find out who really killed the priest - but this is an investigation where nothing is as it seems. Was it a random attack by a desperate outlaw, or do the answers lie in the murdered priest's past?

As he questions those who knew the dead man, Jack is faced with a number of conflicting accounts - and it's clear that not everyone can be telling him the whole truth. But Jack is about to be sidetracked from the investigation ... with disastrous consequences.

Michael Jecks' Jack Blackjack Tudor murder mystery series - all the books.

The Dead Don't Wait will be published by Creme de la Crime (Severn House) in the UK on 31st July 2019; and in the US on November 1st.