The Last Templar

The Last Templar

The first thrilling instalment in a legendary historical adventure series.

Paris, 1307: The Knights Templar have been destroyed by Pope Clement, having been persuaded by a jealous king that they are corrupt devil worshippers. There is one survivor - a knight who swears vengeance.

Devon, 1316: A charred body is discovered in a burned-out cottage, and newly appointed Bailiff, Simon Puttock, believes it to be accidental. Until the new master of the local manor, Sir Baldwin Furnshill, deduces that they were dead before the fire began.

With the assistance of the astute yet strangely reticent knight, Simon begins to piece together the events of the man's last days. Then word comes of another murder, more horrible by far - for in this case, the victim was undoubtedly burned alive. Are the two incidents connected, and will the killers strike again?

"Marvellously portrayed"

C. J. Sansom

"...a very enjoyable read. ...a very strong first novel in a series. Certainly enough to keep me coming back for more."

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

Now once again published in a paperback edition by Canelo Adventure (June 2022); also available in a variety of ebook formats.