Photo Diary


P1010005.JPG, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

Returning home from a night on the moors is delightful. After all, there’s the prospect of a warm home and hot tea. But when the mist comes down, as it did this morning, there’s the very real risk of getting lost. This picture, for example, should not have been seen. The track we wanted skirted round the western edge of Little Hound Tor, but somehow we ended up here, at the White Moor stone circle. Only a matter of fifty yards out of our way, I’d guess, but that’s enough to change your direction. Here, we had somehow managed to start heading east, rather than north.

It’s a proof of the need to always carry a compass with you while on the moors. You can never tell when a cloud will come down. Last time I was there without a compass, I could not see more than about ten yards, and it was impossible to tell whether I was climbing, descending, or walking on the flat. A very odd experience. And why I now always have a decent compass to hand when I walk up there.

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