Photo Diary


DSC_0063.JPG, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

Well, as you can see, my ankle is now mended and I am wandering the country aimlessly with the men of Tinners’ Morris, jumping around foolishly in front of audiences. This photo just goes to show how good a camera mine is – I allowed my eight-year-old daughter to take some photos from her perspective. Luckily, that means she didn’t get my beer glass into the shot.
This picture was taken on Boxing Day, when we regularly meet up at the Duke of York’s, a marvellous pub in Iddesleigh, where, as keen readers of my works will know, I set “A Friar’s Bloodfeud”. It’s a truly great pub, with a fire roaring in the hearth, with excellent beers and ales, and the very best fresh food of any pub in Devon, certainly. Perhaps throughout the whole of England. I wouldn’t be surprised. In any event, while Jamie owns the place, I will be patronising it!
I hope you all had as merry a Christmas as we did!

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