Photo Diary

TOP Award Michael Jecks 014.jpg

As you can see, I was pretty relaxed as the panel started discussing matters of great import. Goats came into it big time, I recall. And other things. Here was me discussing how it was that most of my coroners seem to come to sticky ends. In fact De Welles will last quite some time, I’ve decided. He’s too pleasant, and very funny to write. Even Publisher’s Weekly has decided they rather liked him . . . at least, they seem to appreciate the books he’s in! This was a great evening, though. And the photographer from Theakston’s was excellent. What did astonish me was, bearing in mind I’m a cheapskate semi-professional, he didn’t use a flash gun at all during the panel discussion. This and the other pictures were taken ‘au naturelle’. I think mine would have worked at ISO 1600, but the red cast would be so powerful it’d be hard to recognise me!
Thanks again to Sam Atkinson for the photo.

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