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Old Leat

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Well, this is one thing I’ve seen a lot of this year. Ruddy water! Seems as though as soon as one storm is over, the next one’s beginning. Since the London to Brighton bike ride, I’ve not found an hour’s dry weather to get on the bike myself.

It’s not only the rain, of course. Work also gets in the way. A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned for the next four books in the series, and almost immediately, while I was thinking of new plots, I received a thick wodge of paper through the post. The proofs of the paperback of Dispensation of Death. And a couple of days later, what should appear but the copy edit of The Templar, The Queen and Her Lover. All told, five hundred pages of close-typed text I had to read through and absorb carefully.

And that’s not the end to it, of course. There is all the work I have to do with Medieval Murderers (another story due – luckily now I have an idea for it!) and then the new book, number 25, too.

The sad truth is, though, that I am still non-Morrissing. My ankle is hors de combat since the blasted pup ran into me. She’s perky as heck, of course. Eleven months, beautiful, and growing into a fabulous companion already. But she hasn’t got this wound affecting her walking speed, and all I can say is, it’s enormously lucky that she is relatively obedient – because I sure as heck can’t run after her to catch her!

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