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Thoughtful old man

Thoughtful old man, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

You can always tell an author who’s thinking about the next story rather too close to deadline. There’s that slightly wan look, the cheeks sunken, the hair whiter, the eyes vacant. Oh, and when things are really bad, he’ll sit and play with the ruddy camera instead of getting on with his work. That is the real proof of an author who’s hard up for an idea!
Luckily after four or five hours of gazing into the middle distance, an idea did occur, and the large expanse of emptiness behind me (my whiteboard) started to fill with some speed! With any luck this will lead to Medieval Murderers IV, my part at least, being completed in a week or two. And then all I have to do is write book 25 in the Templar series.

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