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The terrible trio.

The terrible trio., originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

Third Part of London to Brighton Ride

However making it to the start was never our greatest concern. It was the journey from there onwards that was worrying. We managed to get there twenty minutes late, but set off at the very front of the line, which was great. Off through the streets of London, over towards Mitcham Common, down to Westerham, and up How Lane into Chipstead, and all was well, a massive relief. Chris Aylen and I were together all this way more or less, but as we reached a hill-top, Chris had disappeared. Seeing Mad Mark Bazle, I asked him if he’d seen Chris. Nope, but we all had phones for such an emergency. Poor old Chris had suffered a puncture already. We waited, and he and I continued along together again for a while, but as we went past Nutfield (I think) Bazle sent me a text message. I stopped to receive it, and I think it was there that I lost Chris.

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