Photo Diary


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The nice thing about a new book is, that you get a chance to wander about the country and find people who’re happy to sell your books. Sometimes you’re lucky and wander into a shop where the staff want to help. Like here in Plymouth.
George and I wandered in aimlessly, as authors do, and found the delightful Karen, who took us upstairs to sign all her copies. And as an afterthought, almost, we asked to see Michael, just to say goodbye.
But Michael had some scratches and plasters on his fingers. When I asked, he TOO had fallen off his bike. And why? Because he was in training for the London to Brighton cycle ride. So, I mentioned my own part in the ride and suddenly we had plenty to talk about while Karen and George rolled their eyes and dreamed of quiet authors and managers who could keep their ruddy mouths shut . . . Hopefully I’ll see him on Sunday between London and Brighton!

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