Photo Diary


IMG_0898, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

At last, it’s happened. My profound gratitude to Dave and Dawn Hatton for Dave dancing with me, and Dawn for being at such a loose end she actually wanted to photograph us! That’s Dave with the purple back to his waistcoat, while I have the rather snazzy turquoise with the chestload of badges!

I’ve been wanting to get a picture of us dancing this dance because it’s rapidly become our signature dance. We try to do it at every opportunity because those three pound weight iron bars make a really good noise when they clash. And audiences always like to watch them I guess because it’s the same as watching cars racing – there’s that vague urge to watch a crash! Well, luckily no one has been bashed with one of our bars yet. In fact I’m the only one to have any injury – my partner and I missed a clash one day, and I was so desperate not to brain the great lummock that I tore the muscles in my forearm to stop the bar hitting him! Three pounds in weight creates a lot of momentum, and the torsion as well can do serious damage. Painful damage, too!

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