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Freedom at last!

DSC_0012.JPG, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

For those who’ve been wondering about the puppy (she’s still only eight months or so), she was given a full clean bill of health on Wednesday last week, 24th April. Since then, she’s been free to run about. I was sensible. I took her for a walk, then played with her a little, just to see that she would be tired and ready for a rest for the afternoon. Instead, she immediately set about tormenting our old Bernese, then stealing everything she could from counter tops, tables and window-sills. And then robbing the baffled Bernese of her favourite toy again. After watching her chasing the older girl about our yard for the twentieth time, eventually I locked her in her cage. To be honest, I think she was rather glad herself. She was asleep in moments!

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