Photo Diary


DSC_0052.JPG, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

I took this, at Steeperton Gorge, really to remind myself just how steep the gorge is, rather than to show how pretty it is. Coming down one side (left of the photo), we slithered cautiously, hoping not to fall to the bottom in one long (ultimately painful) slide. At least, while at the top, looking over the river, we could see some definite tracks, probably from sheep, which wandered up over Steeperton towards the other side. OK, we thought, that’ll do us.

Fred was first down. He sprang, Gazelle-like, up the slope to find the tracks. Could we find them? Could we bugger! No sign at all, so instead we spent ages clambering up the slop on the right, killing thighs and calves at the same time, until we’d made it to the Steeperton Brook at the other side, where we could cross over to the gentler lands of Metheral Hill.

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