Photo Diary


_MG_5350, originally uploaded by michael_jecks.

Just when I thought I’d no photos of the main event this year – the Dartmoor Literary Festival – I met Chris Chapman. Don’t know him? You should. Go and look at his website – you can get to it from my links page.

Chris is a wonderful guy who came down to Devon on a holiday some years ago and hasn’t managed to escape yet. A dedicated photographer of the ways of Dartmoor in particular, the quality of his work has to be seen to be appreciated. Unknown to me, he’d taken some photos of me at the festival. Here’s the one I like the most. Me listening and laughing, as usual.

I was laughing a whole lot more later, when we Morris danced outside the festival hall. Not that evening, though. I had a marvellous little tie/lapel pin of a Colt series 80 Mk IV – perfect in every detail, it was. Damn thing fell off, and I couldn’t find it. That’s one pin I’ll never be able to replace. If you know where such items can be bought, I’d be eternally grateful for the contact details!

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