The Crediton Killings

The Crediton Killings - new edition

Peter Clifford, priest of the bustling town of Crediton in Devonshire, is an anxious man. Already nervous about the impending visit of the Bishop of Exeter, he is disturbed to see that a company of violent mercenaries has taken up residence at the inn. They threaten to make the visit a disaster. Mercenaries are an unpleasant reality in the fourteenth century, but this group seems particularly bent on havoc. Not only do they show no respect to the priest, but other travellers are terrified to come near them, and there's a rumour that a local girl has been seduced by their leader ...

Simon Puttock, bailiff of Lydford, and Baldwin Furnshill, Keeper of the King's Peace, are invited to Peter's house to help welcome the bishop, though both have their own reasons to want to avoid this. They welcome the diversion offered by a sudden commotion outside but when they find there's been a robbery among the mercenaries, they are less grateful for the interruption. Then a young girl is discovered murdered, hidden in a chest - and this is only the first of the Crediton killings.

As murder follows brutal murder, Simon and Baldwin must discover the killer's identity before he can murder again - and before their own lives, dangerously caught up in the intrigues, are put at risk ...

"The best so far in an already strong series, this is, rather obviously, Highly Recommended."

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The Crediton Killings - original edition